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Intercultural Coaching

for diplomats and managers

In our globalized world, intercultural competence is essential: an increasing number of staff members have an intercultural background and managers who will be posted abroad need intercultural skills to be successful in their international projects or to lead intercultural teams. Intercultural competence requires an open mind and the ability to deal with an external culture and its value system. Key skills include an interest in foreign cultures, reflection of the differences between internal and external culture, a willingness to learn, to change and adapt to a different behaviour. I professionally advise managers who are posted to the Middle East on how to develop intercultural skills and to manage intercultural conflicts in a positive way. I also provide support in difficult situations, both personal and professional, and I provide guidance for those, who would like to learn more about the host country.

Supervision & Teambuilding

consulting process for teams

I also offer supervision, a professional consulting process for teams. My external point of view helps to give assistance to clarify problems, issues, structures, and to give meaningful suggestions for the arrangement of team-members or between management and staff. Supervision focuses on reducing conflicts, finding new or better solutions, and enlarging perspectives, while improving the team-spirit and the group-dynamic. It also supports processes of change within teams and the respective organisation.

trainings and workshops for teams

Conflicts in intercultural teams arise often due to the different cultural backgrounds and values of the team-members. The ability to tackle problems and to deal with conflicts in a positive way is based on the ability to perceive and recognize these differences. To integrate intercultural skills in the daily working life it is helpful to practice it in trainings. I enjoy working with elements of transactional analysis and systemic constellations. These methods convey a direct experience of a problem situation and its possible solution options.

Conflict Management & Peacebuilding

topic- and country-specific

Moderation and mediation are important tools in the handling and resolution of conflicts. In me, you will find a dedicated discussion partner who will accompany you reliably and safely. The basis for this is my international and intercultural competence as a coach, my all-party attitude and my personal experience of war during my own diplomatic posting in Israel. Find my personal experience report here: Dying is easier than changing.. I work in a dialogue-oriented, systemic way and accompany you on a topic-specific basis in the Middle East. Give me a call so that we can find the right setting for you.

Change and Transition Management

focus on people in organisational development

People, i.e. employees and customers, are the focus of all activities and therefore play a special role in change management. Because: Structures and processes in organizations can only be changed successfully and sustainably if people are able and willing to implement and support change. Transition management, i.e. the involvement of people in a change process, is an essential factor for the success of organizational change. This is why people are at the centre of the change processes I accompany.

About myself

Coach EASC/Social Scientist/Industrial Clerk

I am a traveller between cultures. I have lived and worked abroad for about 10 years. During my studies in the Netherlands, professionally at first in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, then in Israel and Switzerland. These experiences shape my view as a coach and I have specialised in intercultural coaching, conflict management and teambuilding with a special focus on the Middle East. I, myself, was posted to the German Embassy in Tel Aviv from 2011-2014. So, I am familiar with the region. Before becoming self-employed, I held political leadership positions in German trade unions, their political foundations and the Federal Foreign Office for almost 20 years. Since 2020 I have a coaching practice in Berlin and am co-founder of the there.

I laid the foundation for my current work while studying sociology and psychology at the universities of Duisburg (DE) and Groningen (NL). In the years that followed, I have continued my education. My most important teachers were Fred Ziebarth, who taught me the tools of systemic constellation work, and Ursa Paul, who allowed me to deepen my spiritual soul development and my impartiality. Most recently I have been certified as a coach by the European Association for Supervision and Coaching (EASC). I am a member of the EASC also of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I live on Lake Constanze.
Heike Kauls

Heike Kauls


Heike Kauls
Middle East Intercultural Coaching

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I am looking forward to meeting with you. Please get in contact with me via e-mail or phone.

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