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About myself

Since 2015 I run my own business as a consultant and trainer. My fields of expertise are intercultural coaching, conflict management, supervision (professional consulting for teams) and systemic constellations. I advise individuals, experts and manager in business and non-profit organisations, who live and work in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

From 2011-2014 I was posted by the German Foreign Office to the German Embassy in Tel Aviv (Israel), where I gained international and intercultural experiences. Before, I worked for almost 20 years in management positions within the German Trade Unions and their foundations in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin (Germany).

I studied Sociology and Psychology at the Universities of Duisburg (Germany) and Groningen (Netherland), got a degree of Social Science by the University of Duisburg. Besides I trained as industrial clerk and worked for some years in the industry. Moreover I participated in a vocational training on systemic constellations by Fred Ziebarth, Berlin (Germany).
Heike Kauls

Intercultural Coaching

Professional consulting for individuals

In our globalized world, Intercultural competence is essential: an increasing number of staff members have an intercultural background and managers who will be posted abroad need intercultural skills to be successful in their international projects or to lead intercultural teams. Intercultural competence requires an open mind and the ability to deal with an external culture and its value system. Key skills include curiosity or an interest in foreign cultures, reflection of the differences between internal and external culture, a willingness to learn, to change and adapt to a different behaviour. I professionally advise managers, experts and staff members on how to develop intercultural skills and to manage intercultural conflicts in a positive way. I also provide support in difficult situations, both personal and professional, and I provide guidance for those, who would like to learn more about the culture of the host country.


Professional consulting for teams

I also offer supervision, a professional consulting process for teams and organisations. My external point of view helps me to give assistance to clarify problems, issues, structures, and to give meaningful suggestions for the arrangement of team-members or between management and staff. Supervision focuses on reducing conflicts, finding new or better solutions, and enlarging perspectives, while improving the team-spirit and the group-dynamic. It also supports processes of change within teams and the respective organisation. According to the targets of supervision I will give advice to you and your team and support (the both of) you for a limited duration, e.g. in temporary projects, in difficult situations with team-members, and to help you reach the targets of your organisation or company.

Conflict Management

Training for teams

Intercultural teams sometimes experience conflicts in their work. These conflicts arise especially due to the different cultural backgrounds and values of the team-members. The ability to tackle problems and to deal with conflicts in a positive way is based on the ability to perceive and recognize these differences. It is therefore necessary to integrate intercultural skills in the daily working life. For a successful team-building process, besides coaching, trainings can be a supportive instrument to manage and solve conflicts. I prefer working with the method of systemic constellations. This method is well suited for conflict management and supports clients in solving problems and clashes, and also helps them to deal with people who they often find themselves in conflicts with.

Systemic Constellations

A method to make peace with the self and others

The world of today is affected by global wars and personal conflicts. Conflicts are necessary for our human development. But the ability to deal with conflicts in a positive way is equally necessary. The recognition of the differences between the internal and external culture can pave the way for this ability. The vision of a peaceful world starts within and with the individual self. I experienced this myself in two military conflicts during my posting at the German Embassy in Tel Aviv. The person who understands this relation holds the key that will unlock change. I was able to understand this relation, and I use my knowledge today to give advice in processes of reconciliation and intercultural dialogue. Find more of the experience I made in Israel in the following article.
Heike Kauls


Heike Kauls
Intercultural Coaching

postal adress
Kistlerstraße 5a
3065 Bolligen (Bern)

business adress
Soderstraße 67
64287 Darmstadt
Value added tax ID: DE 306160891

I am looking forward to meeting with you. Please get in contact with me via e-mail or phone.

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